We’re Building the Future! Ever want to do hard work that will make a REAL difference in the world? Do you want to solve some of the most difficult problems with a team of exceptional players at a company that does not believe in impossible?


We are currently in the process of increasing our staffing for our Operations Division and are looking for a talented individual with a desire to dive into the challenge of building the next energy infrastructure. People who can learn quickly and handle multiple tasks while at the same time being detail-oriented enough to make sure things are done right the first time will flourish in this role. This position requires shift work.

Shifts currently available:

Full-Time Night Shift 2 – 3 shifts per week plus Day and Mid-day shifts

Shift hours:

Day – 6am – 2:30pm

Mid – 2pm – 10:30pm

Night – 10pm – 6:30am

Job Details:

  • Remote Installation support on rapidly growing global projects in new markets.
  • Monitor, operate the system according to the operation procedure, Market bidding awards or bilateral agreements with grid utilities to maximize availability/revenue.
  • Maintain logs of monitoring, operation and maintenance performed, outages, changes in operating status, inspections, and any other significant events.
  • Manage stakeholders', customers' requirements, maintenance support.
  • Monitoring/reporting/recommendations for product improvement.
  • Schedule and coordinate routine inspection and maintenance for global projects.
  • Coordinate with ISO, local Grid utility, Fire alarm company, safe security alarm company coordination and emergency management.
  • Overtime/on-call will be required with notice.


  • Bachelor’s in Electrical Technology, other engineering related degree, or equivalent experience.
  • Experience demonstrating skill handling multiple tasks simultaneously without losing track of the details at various stages of completion under normal and stressful conditions.
  • Experience demonstrating basic skill using computer applications (for ex: using e-mail, Internet, Excel, word processing, and/or entering data into an application), ability to monitor and navigate among several computer screens simultaneously.
  • Responsible individual with the ability to complete tasks without continuous, direct supervision and accept accountability for all actions.


Powin Energy is a leading producer of utility scale modular battery energy storage system (complete with a patented, advanced, cloud-based monitoring/control system). That means we build power plants out of batteries that put coal and gas generators out of business and enable sustainable viability for renewable energy sources like solar and wind.

Powin is, and will continue to be, one of a handful of companies that will provide the equipment necessary to make this happen. Powin has distinct competitive advantages: cost-effectiveness; reliability; scalability; deploy-ability; and operational sophistication. Every day we work to ensure that we maintain these competitive advantages and our position as a global leader in providing turnkey, battery energy storage solutions for utility-scale, commercial and industrial, and microgrid applications.

Be a part of the future by making a difference with Powin!